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Volunteers are needed at all of our special events, and our event would not be a success without the wonderful support of our great volunteers.


We need people to help with fundraising and to help with the event (setting up, working the event, breaking down and cleaning up).


Disaster Relief Response Team

Once our First Responder Rescue Disaster Relief Response Team is established, we will need the support of fellow First Responders to volunteer their time and labor to staff the team and respond to help their fellow First Responder.


Contact us at 850-819-1156 or for further information about volunteering for either a Special Event or a Disaster Response. 


Special Events


Our special events wouldn't be a success without the support of our area business partners. If your business would like to take part please let us know, we have different levels of sponsorship available and everything is tax deductible.


Door Prize Sponsorship

General Sponsorship

Lunch Sponsorship

Chief Level Sponsorship

Major Level Sponsorship

Executive Level Sponsorship

Presenting Level Sponsorship

General Corporate Donations

Our mission to assist our First Responders relies strictly on donations with the majority being corporate donations. Your business or foundation could make a donation in general or make a donation to one of our specific events or projects.

Disaster Relief Response Team


Corporate donations/sponsorships are greatly needed as we work to establish our First Responder Rescue Disaster Relief Response Team to purchase the necessary vehicles, equipment, and tools needed for the team and mission. 

Contact us and we can go over the different sponsorships and customize something for your business or foundation.


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